Hello Milwaukee!

I am a photographer. My main camera is a Nikon D90, but lately I have been taking lots of photos with my phone and uploading them to Facebook. I just don’t have the Nikon with me all the time like I do my phone. I decided I wanted more of a landing place for these serendipitous images, and thus this blog was born. You can view what I sometimes think of as my more “serious” work (meaning the Nikon work) on my other photo site.

The images here are taken on the fly, sometimes while in traffic at a red light (or not), often at restaurants or on street corners in my hometown, Milwaukee. My phone is an HTC Inspire, which features a decent 8.0 megapixel camera. I use the photo editor that came with the phone and occasionally I open up Photoshop Express, although that phone app is extremely limited. But that’s the point here. I am not uploading these photos to my computer and messing with them. They are not always sharp or perfectly exposed or framed the way I want them to be – and how I might crop them in the “real” Photoshop – but I am at the same time free to just shoot and upload and not worry about this stuff. I sometimes do go back to a certain spot with the Nikon and work at a shot, but those images, if they make it online, will show up on the other blog, not here.

This is just for fun. Just for me. But I hope you enjoy some of it, too.


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