New Gravatar, Prudence

I want to introduce my new gravatar, Prudence. She is a little monster created by MonstersEtc on  Noa and Ruti create art dolls, specializing in monsters who are so adorable, you will have to have one . . . or three . . . or more. Noa and Ruti live in Tel Aviv and will make you your very own custom monster if you like. Prudence is a special order, just for me.

I am not sure if Noa and Ruti mind that I am using Prudence as my gravatar. I think I should ask them, but I wanted to give a shout-out to their work because it is lovely. You can see their Etsy store here:

Here is my monster’s bio from their store: “Prudence loves to go outside when it gets dark to watch the starts. She can spend hours looking up, imagining The interesting monsters who live on other planets. She bets they could be great friends and she is wandering if they look at her star and [are] imagining her too.

Prudence is a beautifully hand made art doll, which is stitched entirely by hand! She is made of very soft lavender faux fur, felt and stuffing, She has weights in her feet to make her stand without having to lean against the wall. The inside of her ears is made of lime fabric with some white stars.”

Prudence, created by Noa & Ruti of MonstersEtc on

Prudence, created by Noa & Ruti of MonstersEtc on

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