I’m rather new to Word Press, but I have found a couple blogs that are just so special they bear reblogging. Canadian Art Junkie is one such blog. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Canadian Art Junkie

The 32 large format photographic color prints on exhibit at the Robert McLaughlin Gallery are selected from a body of work by Arnold Zageris, who focuses on arctic and sub-arctic regions of Canada. They’re captured using a traditional large format 4×5 view camera. (Above: Minerals, Labrador; Below: Frost, Abitibi)

His combination of traditional technique and methodical patience lends him the ability to show us a world we may not see otherwise; an extraordinary view of a geographic region not often travelled. The result is a photograph with a painterly quality, bewitched with startling colours. –RMG Gallery

-Moss Jungle (Abitibi series)

-Homage to Henry Moore (Labrador)

-Northern Lights (Labrador)

-Giant Oat Grass (Abitibi)

-Reflections of a Monolith (Labrador)

Cormorants and Penguins (Antarctica series)

-Memories of Gondwana (Antarctica)

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