This trail goes around the Deep Tunnel overflow “ponds” out by the County Grounds, roughly bounded by Swan Boulevard, Hoyt Park, Watertown Plank Road, and Highway 45. I used to have a rented 30′ x 30′ garden out here and there was quite an uproar when the gardens were wiped away for the new landscape. I found myself a bit disoriented walking the trail, trying to remember where I was on the same land that has so changed. It is pretty much being allowed to return to nature, with the addition of some structure to the ends of the ponds where water will be directed when needed and some tasteful hardscaping on the northwest end.

There are two sides to the trail, running under Swan Boulevard as it leads west towards the Highway 45 on-ramp. I used my phone to track the trail via satellite and it came out to  roughly two miles for the entire loop (both sides of Swan). I wandered up to see the old County Asylum burial ground, so I’m estimating the length without my side trek.

If you get out here, you can bring your dogs and your camera, your binoculars and your wildflower guide. It’s truly lovely.

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