Community Museum, Ingersoll, Ontario


On my way to a conference in Ontario I was lured off the highway by a sign advertising a cheese factory museum. Cheese! My favorite thing! I was hoping for a tour and fresh curds, but it really was just a museum. A small, understaffed little community museum with a main building and a few outposts, one for the blacksmith and one for the cheesemaker. No docents, just paper signs taped up above bits of machinery to explain what they were.


Cheese factory museum. I guess I latched onto the first two words and got my hopes up.


These old signs caught the glare of the open window.


I think this is for cutting blocks of cheese, but frankly, I was still in a state of disappointment over the lack of actual cheese that I forgot to read the sad little signs.


There were more of these in a big vat on the floor, and I think they were for stirring what would later become cheese, except not here because there was no cheese. Did I mention there was no cheese?


Jugs in which to transport milk to be made into cheese.


Oh, I should have read what these were. I believe they are for printing cheese labels. There was no cheese.


This long board is for stamping cheese. I could have stamped, but there was still no cheese.


Large (empty) cheese boxes. So sad. And an ice block grabber that could double as a cheese grabber, were there cheese to grab.


And this is the blacksmith’s shop across the drive. No cheese here either. Shame.

6 responses to “Community Museum, Ingersoll, Ontario

  1. Nice photo essay!
    There was no.cheese. Reminds me of Tom Waits “he has … What is he BUILDING in there?”

  2. What a fascinating post…. I just picked up some cheese (Camembert) at the Farmer’s Market last week… I waiting for it to ripen….and so have been thinking about what went into the making of the cheese. Your post answers a lot of questions…

    Perhaps you might stop in at a Farmer’s Market on your way home….

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