This is one of the blogs I follow and really enjoy. Today’s post was so interesting, I had to repost it here. Enjoy!

Canadian Art Junkie

These scenes of a post-apocalyptic world are by photo-artist Lori Nix, who opens in an exhibition called The City at Bau-Xi in Toronto tomorrow, through July 21.  She meticulously constructs three-dimensional miniature dioramas by hand, and captures the images using a large-format film camera. (Above: Circulation Desk )

Church, chromogenic print, 40 x 50″

Mall,  40  x 57″

Bar, 40 x 55″

Beauty Shop, 39 x 30″

Fountain, 48 x 60

Botanic Garden, 40 x 54″

Lori Nix was born in Kansas, and lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.  Her artwork has been exhibited, collected and published internationally.  

Lori Nix website, here.

Bau-Xi Photo, here.

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