I’ve been traveling lately and my phone is overwhelmed with images that I need to sort and upload, and meanwhile I keep taking more! Last weekend I visited the Harley Davidson in Milwaukee and it was very impressive. Then I went on a 2-day biking trip to the center of the state (62 miles in 2 days!) and visited Doc’s Harley Davidson dealership in Bonduel, which is an ecclectic complex of not only motorcycles, but animals (emus, fainting goats, alligators, tortoises, birds, buffalo and at least one camel-looking thing), a sports car museum, gift shop, antiques shop and restaurant. The Timeline restaurant features a burger challenge – eat their 24″ long, 7-pound burger and coleslaw in one hour or less BY YOURSELF and earn a ride on the 10-seater motorcycle (put together with 2 rear wheels, two front wheels and five engines all in line). Crazy stuff. There is giant sculpture out there as well and replicas (I don’t think they’re original) of the two Dukes of Hazzard cars, set up on poles above either side of the roof of the dealership.

Now I’m on the road again and will hopefully be able to post later this week. So many images, so little time.

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