Franklinton, Ohio


I did these on my phone, as usual, and the sinking sun was poking through the torn out windows and cracks of this old building that we drove by. My Columbus, Ohio hosts told me this was not a nice neighborhood to be walking around in as a car circled the block and came back once again – looking to buy or sell something, or worse? Not sure, but I tried to be quick while getting these images. The artwork was in such contrast to the sad, drab surroundings.


Always gangster, yet artist as well.


I wonder if these were painted someplace else and then brought here in pieces and reassembled.



This smaller panel was across the street a ways down. I could only get the entire thing with the cables in the way in front of it.



2 responses to “Franklinton, Ohio

  1. Wow! These look even better in your photos. I think the way you isolate images makes it easier to focus on the exceptional images.

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