Cell Phone Camera Issues

As this particular blog focuses (pun intended) on images taken and uploaded on the fly with a cell phone camera, it is very important to have a decent phone camera. I spilled water on my phone in August and thankfully have phone insurance so when it died I could get it replaced fairly easily. As soon as the “new” phone arrived, I noticed that the photos looked different. The colors weren’t right, or at least they didn’t look like they used to and, in my eyes, not quite like what I was shooting. I was about to go out of town for a week, so, just glad that I had my phone again, I brushed it aside and continued packing for my trip, figuring I might have to play with the settings or something.

Now that I am back home and using the camera for posting regularly again, I can see that there is a pink “hot shadow” over the photos, visible only in certain lighting and against lighter backgrounds. If you look at the last photo of the stencil tag on Locust Street bridge, the Remember post from yesterday, the recent rainbow posts or the post with the shadows on the pavement about a week or two ago, you can see a pink shadow in about the middle of the frame. It is not in-your-face obvious, but I can see it. And it BOTHERS ME.

So, I just spent a good amount of time on the phone with my cell phone provider, trying to get this fixed. First I reached a call line with a million buttons to push, eventually winding up at a dead end. Then I got to a human, who transferred me somewhere else. Then Camille. She was helpful, or at least courteous and I think she will ultimately be helpful. She wanted me to call her back on a different phone, but I had to explain that my land line, also through this same, ahem, AT&T, ahem, service provider, was not working because the order placed with them back in August for a replacement modem went awry and the previous half hour had been spent on that service line, setting up another modem delivery, which will hopefully go through and actually show up. SO. No, I don’t have another phone line to use at this point in time.

So, she is sending me instructions on how to check my phone for water damage, something I could not do while talking ON said phone because on my HTC Inspire, when you remove the door to the compartment where the memory and SIM cards are, there is a small metal contact that separates and the call is cut off. She assured me that this was not true because I was not going to be opening the battery compartment, just the separate SIM and memory card compartment. I begged to disagree. She insisted I try so I made sure she had my cell number before I removed the compartment case and then we were immediately disconnected. ‘Natch. Told ya so.

What Camille wants to do is first make sure I don’t have any water damage and you have to remove this compartment cover to see if something in there has turned red or pink. This would indicate water damage. I did nothing whatsoever to incur water damage, so I hope that’s not the case. Then she wants to do a total reset on the phone, which apparently they can do remotely. I have to first save my photos to my computer, transfer all my contacts to my SIM card (or memory card?) and make a list of all my apps so I can re-download them once this is done. I asked how this would be able to fix my camera and she said it might be a software glitch causing the hot spot. I doubt this very much, but what do I know? I bet my insurance replacement phone is a refurb, so anything could be wrong with it.

What’s bothering me about this hot spot issue would not even be noticeable to most people, and this is probably why it got out of quality control after being refurbished (if indeed it is a refurb, which they do reserve the right to send you, according to my insurance policy). I worry that even if I do get a replacement for this replacement, someone who receives it and tests it will think the camera works just fine and will think I’m nuts, which I am, but I still need my really expensive cell phone’s 8mp camera to work PERFECTLY, just like it USED to, dammit!

So, take a look at the photos I mentioned and let me know if you see this pink shadow or if I really and truly am simply crazy. It would only appear on photos taken after about August 9th. Meanwhile, I will just keep taking photos, pink shadow or not. Ya gotta do what ya gotta do.


2 responses to “Cell Phone Camera Issues

  1. I’m almost glad you can see it, too. I offered to give the AT&T rep the link to this blog so she could see for herself. She is going to reset/wipe the phone tomorrow. We’ll see if that does anything. 😦

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