Koi Artist

A few days ago I posted about a trip I took across town with my son to visit Comet Cafe.  There is a photo of stencilled koi swimming around a utility pole outside the cafe. Now today, I had arranged to meet with a street artist as part of my work for a qualitative research methods class at UWM. We are sitting here, talking about his art, and he mentions his koi stencils. Yes, he is the artist whose work I photographed a week ago! How cool is that? Because it’s not exactly legal, I’m not posting his name here, but he did give me a lot of information for my study. Those fish are done using four stencils and three colors. Funny how small the world is sometimes.


6 responses to “Koi Artist

      • I have some pics of it and I’m going back again soon.
        Just waiting for some nice weather, and a Sunday morning.
        And who knows, maybe you will see it in person. It still is not finished…. and I can’t even begin to tell you about the old real graffiti that the mural is replacing in that area and still exists for miles.
        I have some shots. I’ll try to post them soon.

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