Upsetting the Dead


We had a sudden and strong wind storm last week that brought down branches and entire trees overnight. There are two cemeteries near my house, one very well maintained and the other not so much. A day later there was no evidence of downed wood in the first cemetery, but a week after the storm the other was still strewn with stuff like this. This large maple took a hit, lost a major part of its crown and pushed over stones, upsetting the dead in the process. *shiver*


I didn’t notice any of the larger memorial stones being knocked over, which might be luck . . . or maybe the strength of the wealthier dead. Actually, the upright tall stone in the middle represents the family who got knocked about below.



Like a giant claw, reaching down to grab souls. Or just a maple tree crown. You decide.


Strong breeze brings trees to their knees. (sorry)

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