(de)Facing the Locust Street Bridge



Snail’s Crossing Mosaics

This gallery contains 15 photos.

                        I came across this little park in Riverwest called Snail’s Crossing. I had passed it on the bus, but never gotten off to explore all the artwork hidden in here. A plaque reads: Snail’s Crossing, created 2003 – 2004 by local artists, neighborhood […]

Street Art from Zagreb

At a recent conference in Pittsburgh I met a fellow confrere from Croatia.  We walked around the city between academic presentation sessions and of course I obsessively photographed everything along the way, from graffiti (a Shepard Fairey sticker!) to buildings and flowers and all sorts of sewer lids, signs, and seemingly insignificant anti-tourist scenes. The amount and quality of street art in Europe is well known and she agreed to send me some photos when she returned home. This is one that she shared with me today from Zagreb. 

Artwork by Lunar. Photo by Tamara Stefanac.