Snail’s Crossing Mosaics














I came across this little park in Riverwest called Snail’s Crossing. I had passed it on the bus, but never gotten off to explore all the artwork hidden in here. A plaque reads: Snail’s Crossing, created 2003 – 2004 by local artists, neighborhood volunteers including primary, secondary and college students, adults, neighborhood businesses, the city of Milwaukee, the Milwaukee Arts Board and private donations. It might look like I’ve included a lot here, but there were so many interesting details. I plan to have a couple more posts to show even more.
wpid-20140730_084159.jpg wpid-20140730_084141.jpg wpid-20140730_084132.jpg wpid-20140730_084059.jpg wpid-20140730_084049.jpg wpid-20140730_084038.jpg wpid-20140730_084027.jpg wpid-20140730_084008.jpg wpid-20140730_084002.jpg wpid-20140730_083953.jpg wpid-20140730_083942.jpg wpid-20140730_083933.jpg wpid-20140730_083923.jpg wpid-20140730_083913-1.jpg

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