Remembering the Lost

Riding the same bus route every day I notice things that change on the streets. A couple weeks ago four separate memorials appeared along Burleigh within only a few blocks. This is a tough part of town and I’ve seen these makeshift sites from time to time, but never four in one week. Over the Easter weekend there were seven shootings in Milwaukee, five of them within two hours on Saturday, April 4.


Aaron M. Harmon, Sr., 24th and Burleigh.

Aaron got into an argument with Jeremy Green in a bar on 52nd and Hampton. They each went to their cars and got weapons and continued the argument outside the bar. They fired on each other and both died. Aaron was 24. Jeremy was 33.


“Lee”, 27th and Burleigh.



“Money Movin Moo”, 28th and Burleigh.



No name, 32nd and Burleigh.

Thanks to Joel, who drove me to see these more closely. May they truly rest in peace.


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