Weirdness on WordPress?

Update: I erased a bunch of html that had to do with widths and lengths of images. I have no idea why it worked really, but it appears to have done the trick. What are you up to WP? The new interface for editing looked like a great thing, but maybe I better learn more about what I’m doing since I haven’t posted in a while. Sheesh. You take a leave of absence and they rearrange the entire office!


I have no idea what happened to my last post. I added text after uploading from my phone and when I saved changes it blew the sizes way up. Not sure why and not sure how to fix it. I don’t even know if others can see it normally or blown up like I can. I may need advice on how to fix this …


4 responses to “Weirdness on WordPress?

  1. Yup, advice needed. The “Drgaonfly” page loads with incredibly oversize images, and takes forever. Unfortunately,i can only coinfirm that something is weird, but as for offering a solution, i am at a sad loss. Best of luck.

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