Clarion Alley, Mission District, San Francisco

I had the pleasure of visiting San Francisco last weekend for the first time. I thoroughly enjoyed it and only wish I had had more time there. I met up with an old friend I hadn’t seen in 28 years, a fellow photo-lover, who took me to this alley, knowing I would love it. I have to say it was almost overwhelming. There were more alleys somewhere, but I didn’t even want to see them when I was through this one. It was just so much to see – loads of color and powerful messages. I couldn’t take much more in! But of course I had to keep shooting. I may have to break this up into a few posts because there is so much to see.

_DSC1854 _DSC1856 _DSC1857

I’m having trouble using WordPress lately. I would like the photos to be larger, but I don’t have time, nor patience, to deal with it right how. I’d rather just get these images out. Anyway, forgive the small images and lousy set up. Maybe I should shop for a new theme. Someday.

_DSC1858 _DSC1859

This artist was being interviewed by an Australian guy while we were touring the alley. That’s my son on the left in the frame, the artist Kuba in the middle, and the interviewer on the right. Kuba is standing in front of his piece. I have included it from a couple angles so you can see all of it.

_DSC1861 _DSC1864_DSC1863  _DSC1865 _DSC1866

I was happy to see some of Jeremy Novy’s koi stencils out here in San Francisco. He graciously allowed me to interview him when he was living in Milwaukee a couple years ago. He has since gone back to California and is still painting his koi, among other cool stuff. I always enjoy seeing his koi around Milwaukee, several installations of which are around town.

_DSC1867 _DSC1868 _DSC1869 _DSC1870 _DSC1873 _DSC1875 _DSC1876

Even the street itself is full of artwork. There were some sculptures as well and stickers and stencils galore.

_DSC1878 _DSC1879 _DSC1881 _DSC1885 _DSC1887

I will stop here for now and go prepare a second post. See you soon!

2 responses to “Clarion Alley, Mission District, San Francisco

  1. Wonderful series, Ann! Yes, the pics could be larger, however, when I wanted to see more detail, I just clicked on the pic & got a nice big photo!
    Thanks for sharing your exciting trip to a San Fran alley!

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