Clarion Alley, Part II

Here are some more images from Clarion Alley in the Mission District of San Francisco. There was so much to see. My head was spinning after just one alley!

_DSC1888 _DSC1890

This one on the right is cool because inside the man is a view down the entire alley.

_DSC1891 _DSC1893 _DSC1895_DSC1904

The black and white mural behind the light pole had this information on the right end of it, detailing the artist and when he painted it, as well as the meaning behind it. Painted in 1994 by Jesus “Chuy” Campusano. That’s a long time to be up.

_DSC1897 _DSC1898 _DSC1899 _DSC1900 _DSC1901 _DSC1903 _DSC1905 _DSC1906 _DSC1909 _DSC1910 _DSC1913 _DSC1914

The Bomb Condos! Not Murals is one of my favorites from the alley. Many of the works had themes of social justice, fair housing, employment, and support for street art.

_DSC1916_DSC1917 _DSC1918 _DSC1919


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