This is the mirror image of a red car in wet asphalt. I flipped the image upside down, brightened it up a bit in Photoshop Express on the phone, and cropped it to remove the “real” car. If you look on the lower right side of the shot you can see a cement parking block up against which the car was parked.

Polo King


The owner of this flashy, sticker-laden Toyota works where this car is parked. I asked one of the other workers inside if this guy played polo. Her response? “No, he WEARS Polo.” LOL!!!

People in the area always see this car and note how it changes over time. My brother just said to me last week, “Have you seen the polo car lately? He’s gone even more crazy on it!” I particularly like how he has cut out shiny pink stuff and crudely framed the Toyota symbol on the trunk. Maybe I’ll get a close-up of that next time. You can see green sticky stuff on the word “Solara” too.