Copper Bowl


As I now look back over these four Copper Bowl photos, this one here is the one that most closely resembles what the thing actually looks like. The colors are very firey and the blue is very blue, just like it looks here. I used auto-fix settings for at least one or two of the others, but they don’t look quite right. This is a fire bowl in my yard that stays outside all year, or at least most of the year. This past winter was so mild that I never put it into the garage like I usually do. It was used late in the winter and had ashes in it, and then it filled with rain water. After I dumped out the entire mess last week, this beautiful color was left behind. I used the tag “rust” although I don’t think copper rusts. It’s not really verdigris either. Maybe the thing is only copper coated and this is oxidation beneath? Not sure, but it is stunning.