Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections


Art imitates life, and life art, as seen in the wavy reflections of Aspen trunks on the sunset surface of Weber Lake, Upson, Wisconsin.

I have just returned from a glorious week in the great north woods. So many images to play with!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Create


 My friend Theresa and I decided we would like to make murals out of tile. Well, out of broken dishes actually because with four children, I have lots of those and I’ve been saving them. Plus other odds and ends, like marbles, beads and bottle caps. So we decided to use bowling balls as the base so they would be sturdy and make nice garden ornaments when done. Here you can see our messy table full of creativity! (Neither of us has finished our balls yet, though Theresa used larger pieces of broken china so she now has her surface covered.)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Friendship

Weekly Photo Challenge: Friendship

Big Blue and Little Prudence. Big Blue is a puppet that I had to have the moment I laid eyes on him. Prudence is an art doll made by two women, Noa and Ruti, in Tel Aviv. Though not human (I have so many to choose from for these weekly challenges!) the way they are looking at each other shows qualities inherent in any good friendship: love, caring, compassion, a certain interest or fascination, trust and happiness.